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The Best Ashtray Stands on the Market

High Quality Metal Alloy

Metal Alloy is a combination of a metal with at least another metal or non-metal. This means we can mix together materials with different characteristics and qualities, reaching a final result that’s simply amazing. In this specific case of ashtrays stands, we’re able to offer you a product made of a metal alloy with features that include extreme durability, sturdiness, flexibility, corrosion and wear resistance and an elegant colorful, polished look. For us, it has also a couple positive aspects, specifically a low price tag and an easier molding process.

Indoor & Outdoor

This product has a lot of features that can make it excel in indoor spaces, as well as in outdoor ones. But one that sticks out is an efficient, tight sealing lid. When indoors, you can smoke and use it how often you wish in your living room, without worrying with that nasty cigarette smell getting in your fabrics and creating a heavy ambient for your guests. When closed, the lid is so efficient it won’t let any odour get out. When outdoors, you can place it wherever you wish, adjusting its height, knowing it will withstand strong winds and heavy rain. Because of it’s lid, you also won’t need to worry with your ashes and cigarette butts flying all over the place and littering your balcony and the environment. An amazing product for every situation!

Adjustable Height

There aren’t a lot of products like this on the market, but the feature that stands out the most is its pole. At far, it may look like a regular, 40in pole but, if you get closer and start touching it, you’ll notice it can bend in different ways. This way, not only can you adjust the ashtray’s height between 29in and 40in, but you can also make it twist and turn and create a modern looking, piece of decoration. Due to the combination of the metal alloy’s flexibility and durability, you can bend it how often you wish without having to worry with it breaking or getting rusty and stiff.

Our Range of Ashtray Stands

The Standing Ashtray is, surely, a product like no other. We’re not even sure where to start! On one side, and probably its most interesting feature, is its large pole, meaning you don’t need a table to set it on. It’s also pretty flexible, so you can actually decide on its height and its overall pole shape. Then, the actual ashtray measures 5.9in (15cm) and has a tight sealing lid, adding smokeless to its list of features. Finally, for an amazing price tag, you can choose between 4 lively and modern-looking colours. What are you waiting for?

What You Get with Our Ashtray Stands

Modern Design

Minimalist and with smooth, rounded shapes, this product ticks two boxes. First, it does its job as an efficient ashtray. Secondly, and most times overlooked, it will definitely bring a touch of modernity to every room you set it on. Be the possibilities of the bending pole, or the four groovy colours you can get (red, black, white and yellow), start by imagining it on the corner of your living room, or maybe right next to your couch - if it looks that good on you mind, imagine in real life!

Amazing Price Tag

You would think a product full of amazingly practical features, like this, would bring a fairly costly price tag. Think again! Not only are we able to drop the prices due to the metal alloy used, but we also understand that an ashtray is not a product which people are used to spend a large amount of money, since it’s more a commodity than a necessity. That’s why it doesn’t make sense for us, here at AshtrayShop, to display you bad offers and say they are great. On one side, you’re looking at a fantastic deal and, on the other side, we offer you guarantees like safe and secure check out, as well as free worldwide shipping! Trust us, it was never this easy to get an amazing product on your doorstep.