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The Best Glass Ashtrays on the Market

Elegant Designs

Products made of glass is one thing, but ashtrays made of crystal glass are in a completely different level. Besides the durability aspect, which we’ll talk more up ahead, the visual difference between both glasses is incredible. The adding of lead to normal glass will raise its refractive index and lower its viscosity, resulting in a much more shinier and stunning material. Combine that with an expert craftsmanship, and you get luxurious and elegant ashtrays. Be rounder products, more straight ones, clean lines, or even beautifully crafted crowns, this range offers you a variety of designs you won’t find nowhere else.

Balanced Weight

Making products of glass isn’t an easy task, not only because of its tough workability, but also due to its weight, resulting in awkward, heavy products, if you’re not careful enough. That’s another plus in working with lead glass (or crystal glass), meaning we can offer you ashtrays that have a perfect weight balance. What does that mean? On one side, they’re heavy enough to be used outdoors, without you having to worry with them flying away and breaking into million pieces with the slightest wind and, on the other side, you can have them in your hand, while smoking, and not have a sore wrist after a couple of minutes.

Durable Crystal Glass

The final advantage of using crystal glass, instead of regular one, is its durability. Even though its sturdiness is not off the charts (it’s still a glass product, that will probably break with a hard fall), it will withstand constant use, without showing any signs of wear and tear and without loosing its trademark shine. Even though most cigarettes and cigars are not a match for this material, in terms of leaving stains, you can also wash it as often as you wish. In short, if you’re looking for a glass ashtray that can give you some safety, regarding the money you spent on it, these ones are perfect for you!

Our Amazing Range of Glass Ashtrays

From more economic, to more expensive, we’ll show you, step-by-step, the different glass ashtrays you can acquire, here at AshtrayShop.

The first in line is the Royal Crown Ashtray - an amazingly crafted crown, made of crystal glass, with elegant engravings, all around. Besides its stunning design, it has 8 cigarette rests and, if you don’t smoke, you can also use it as a candle holder!

Next, we have the Decorative Skull Ashtray. A small, lightweight and sturdy skull-shaped ashtray, with 3 cigarette rests. The design on the bottom will be randomly chosen from 12 different patterns, from more colorful flowery ones, to more brutal black and white ones.

For a couple more bucks, there’s the Classic Crystal Glass Ashtray. Here, you can choose 1 of three amazing products. All made of strong and shiny crystal glass, they differ in the shape – the first, a circular, simpler one; the second, a more complex circular one; the last, a beautiful squared-one.

The Decorative Glass Ashtray is a bit pricier, but well justified. One of our most durable and strong crystal glass ashtrays, this deal offers you a variety of alternatives. First, you can choose between 2 different sizes and, then, there’s 12 designs to decide on, ranging from flowers, to animals, to geometrical patterns and more.

Lastly, the Luxury Crystal Glass Ashtray doesn’t have “luxury” on its name just for show. Also made of eco-friendly, crystal glass, this ashtray is a perfect square, with a rounded centre and 4 cigarette rests. Not only does it let you choose between 3 different sizes, but you can also decide on a modern black, an elegant silver, a stylish white or a simpler clear look.

What you Get with these Glass Ashtrays

Excellent Value

You would think such luxurious and stunning ashtrays would cost an arm and a leg, right? Well, think again! Fairly priced, you’ll notice the price difference between our more cheaper and the costlier ones is not that much, allowing you to choose the ashtray that best suits your personality and your home’s style, without having to worry with the price tag. If that doesn’t convince you, there’s a few features of buying products, here at AshtrayShop, that will definitely change your mind. Firstly, the guaranteed safe and secure checkout, with an effortless cooperation with most credit cards and PayPal. Then, the free worldwide shipping, cause the only thing you deserve to pay is the product you’re buying. Finally, there’s also the 100% guarantee “get your money back” seal, meaning you can easily go back if the product isn’t really what you were looking for.


Of course our main goal, here at AshtrayShop, is to sell ashtrays, but the best part is that, inside our glass range, there are a few products that can also be used for other jobs. A perfect example is our royal crown ashtray that, besides being used for putting out cigarettes, can also be used as a classy candle holder, refracting its light in a stunning way. Most of them, due to their sensational designs, can also be used as pieces of decoration, sprucing up every room you set them one. There’s no way people won’t see them and ask you: “hey, where did you get that?”