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The Best Metal Ashtrays on the Market

Sturdy Materials

There are ashtrays made of stainless steel, iron, aluminium, zinc and even metal alloy (combination of various metals). But you know what all these materials have in common? Extreme durability, meaning they’ll maintain their amazing sturdiness over time, withstanding constant use and hard falls like no other product.

Diversity of Designs

On one end of the specter you’ve got a rocket-shaped, silver and modern-looking ashtray while, on the other end, there’s this bronze, ornamented, vintage product. Now imagine an amazingly diverse range of products between those two ends, each one carrying its own unique colors, shapes and designs.

Our Range of Metal Ashtrays

Diversity in designs, shapes, colors and materials, there’s a lot of variety in our metal ashtray’s range, but there’s three big categories we can divide them in.

If you’re always on the go and like smoking in the street, but you’re strongly against littering (as you should), having a portable ashtray with you is the perfect solution. On one side of the aisle you’ve got the more simpler ones, displaying a cylindrical, rectangular or round shape, the latter ones resembling those old pocket watches. Their biggest features are their durability and the variety of designs they offer you. On the other side of the aisle, there’s the more unique ones. Be vintage looking or bullet-shaped, you can add a bit of flair to your style every time someone spots you smoking outside.

Next up is our smokeless ashtrays, so you can enjoy a cigarette, ate your place, and not worry with getting that nasty smell everywhere. Firstly, there’s the more regular, button ones. These offer you a minimalist silver look and an effortless button that opens its lid. Next, its the push-down designs. All rocking a lever on the middle, you can opt for a more simpler one or a more outlandish design, like a tire or an 8-ball. Lastly, we recommend you browsing through the ones with a normal lid, because besides having an effortless use, you’ll find amazingly elegant designs, be pyramids, ornamented globes or luxurious rhinestones plated ones.
Finally, there’s the open, classic ashtrays. You can decide on a more modern-looking, silver one, or go for those amazingly elegant, vintage and bronze ones. Whichever you choose, you’re guaranteed a beautiful and astonishingly sturdy product!