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The Best Outdoor Ashtrays on the Market

Sturdy Materials

There’s a few qualities an ashtray’s material must bring to the table for it to be able to endure the outdoors. Be stainless steel, iron or crystal glass, you can be sure that the ashtrays we sell here, at AshtrayShop, take that qualities very seriously. First, the weight. There’s a fine balance between an uncomfortably heavy and awkward ashtray and one that’s so lightweight it will fly away with stronger winds but, after some testing, we’re confident we have reached that balance. Then, sturdiness. Powerful and durable, these materials will take constant use, rain and even some clumsy falls without showing any signs of wear and tear, for a really long time, as well as maintaining their beautiful colors as if they were fresh out of the package


Every smoker must have gone through that situation were you’re enjoying your cigarette outside and the ashtray you’re using becomes virtually useless, since the ashes keep flying with the wind and littering your patio or the beautiful landscape. That’s why we took the word “windproof” very seriously. Some have an efficient, tight sealing lid, opened and closed with a button or a push-down lever, while others simply have a deeper reservoir with some tall borders all around. Be one or the other, you can always pour a little bit of water on the bottom, ensuring the ashes and cigarettes will stay inside the ashtray and not all over you guests’ faces.

Elegant Designs

Just because these ashtrays are for the outdoors, it doesn’t mean they don’t have to be elegant and fashionable. If you want to be sure that every inch of your place displays a stylish harmony, you can’t overlook your porch or balcony. You can choose between more minimalist and modern-looking designs, with cylindrical shapes and polished silvers, or more simpler but amazingly colorful, classic ashtrays, as well as more elegant, crystal glass ones. In short, there’s a deal for everyone. Browse our outdoor range and choose the one that best suits your style and your home’s personality.

Our Amazing Range of Outdoor Ashtrays

Having difficulties deciding on which ashtray you should take home? No worries, because we’re here to help you decide.

First, on our all metal series (stainless steel or iron), there’s a few products you should definitely check out. The Mini Metal Ashtray is the ideal deal if you’re searching for a windproof, efficient ashtray, but you’re not looking to spend that much money. Not only does it work, effortlessly, with a button on the top that opens it’s lid and drops the ashes inside, but it has an amazingly comfortable texture.

Then, also windproof, there’s the Classic Push Down Lid Ashtray – as the name says, a push-down system on top rotates its lid and opens it. The “classic” is referring to the stylish, vintage silver & black combination, mixing efficiency and elegance in one product.

The Modern Metal Ashtray happens when you mix a minimalist work of art with a competent and practical ashtray. Capable of withstanding bad weather and strong winds, it will surely spruce up your porch, available on a classy gold or a fancy silver.

The Standing Ashtray is a best seller for a reason. It’s outdoor use is perfect, since it’s sturdy enough to endure strong winds and it doesn’t need a table to be set on. Decide on one of 4 lively, modern colors and take advantage of this amazingly low value!

Lastly, the Classy Metal Ashtray. Black, gold, rose gold or silver, these stainless steel ashtrays are one of the most sturdy products on the market, also bringing a modern, jazzy appearance to the table.

If you enjoy a little more flair on your ashtrays, why don’t you take a look at our crystal glass range? The Classic Crystal Glass Ashtray comes in three different designs, be a more rounded one or a perfect square. It’s heavy enough so it doesn’t fly with the wind and it will surely give you that classy vibe you’ve been looking for. If you go up a few more steps on the fashionable ladder, you’ll find the Luxury Crystal Glass Ashtray. A bit more expensive, but with justification, since it lets you choose between 4 beautiful colors in 3 different sizes, as well as just looking crazy elegant.

What you Get with these Outdoor Ashtrays


These days, just looking good won’t cut it. That’s why we combine practicality and efficiency with good looks. We’re talking about effortless, tight sealing lids, 3 to 4 cigarette rests in each ashtray, efficient and comfortable push-down handles, easy to wash under water and more fantastic features. Our goal is, and has ever been, to offer you the most enjoyable smoking experience we can, with our products.

Excellent Value

You just need to browse through our costumer’s feedback to realize that a frequent comment is somewhere around the lines of “for it’s price tag, I was really surprised with the quality”. We’re here to sell you the best ashtrays on the market, but when we say the “best”, we don’t necessarily mean the crop of the cream, but the finest price-quality deals, instead. Add that to our guaranteed safe and secure checkout, as well as our free worldwide shipping and you’re looking at one of the best online shopping experiences around.