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The Best Antique Ashtrays on the Market

Variety of Designs

“Antique” is a term to describe an immensely embracing style, so it makes sense our range is extremely diverse, as well. That word will mean something in Europe and something completely different in Asia or Africa, but no worries, we’ve got you covered. Browse through our series of antique ashtrays and you’ll notice what we’re talking about, be a wooden elephant from the plains of Africa, a ceramic vase from the isolated villages of Asia or an ornamented globe from the cathedrals of Europe.

Sturdiness & Durability

Every ashtray on this range, be stainless steel, ceramic, natural or resin wood and metal alloy, guarantees you one main characteristic – durability. You can’t look at these price tags and think of them as a one off-purchase, but as a long lasting investment, instead. They will withstand everyday use, for a really long time, and still look fresh out off the package. In the old days, companies were known for making sturdy and reliable products, before all the planned obsolescence line of thought started changing the game. So, that’s what you can expect, not only from this specific range, but from all our products, here at AshtrayShop – strong and enduring materials.

Diverse Types

On the big picture, you can look at an ashtray as just a place to store ashes and cigarette butts, although, if you’re a smoker, you know that hardly covers the different types of ashtrays there are. We already know that every product on this range will bring that antique vibe you’ve been looking for, but each one of them offers you a solution for different situations. The portable ones will be with you at all times and let you enjoy a cigarette on the street, without littering. The indoor ones focus mainly on becoming a decoration piece, wherever you place them. Even though they all offer you handy cigarette rests, there’s a distinction between the smokeless (a lid prevents the smell of cigarettes spreading all over your place) and the classic, open ones. The outdoor ones are made to resist the power of nature, a.k.a. strong winds and heavy rain.

Excellent Value

There’s also the known benefits of shopping here, at AshtrayShop. We’re talking, of course, about the guaranteed safe and secure checkout, with effortless cooperation for most of credit card companies and the free worldwide shipping, as well as the “100% get your money back” satisfaction seal. Now imagine all those advantages combined with amazingly low price tags on all of our products. There’s no really need to imagine, since a quick browse through our store will make you realize we aren’t kidding around when we use the words “Excellent Value”!

Our Amazing Range of Antique Ashtrays

Depending if you’re on the go or just enjoying a cigarette at home, there’s some differences between the various products on our antique ashtrays range.

The portable ones are pretty special, because they’re able to combine such a unique, antique looks, with an amazing practicality and portability. Firstly, the Portable Vintage Ashtray. On one side its design – a rectangular box, reminiscing those classy, old, fuel lighters. Silver, bronze or gold, it also has some stunning engravings on the front. On the other side its craftsmanship – a sliding, tight sealing lid and a key chain, meaning you’ve got everything you need for a portable ashtray.

The Vintage Pocket Ashtray is also an amazing deal. No key chain, but it’s gold look and effortless use give it some extra points. It’s also extremely durable and carries a handy cigarette rest.

If you’re looking for some ashtrays to set around your house and offer it an antique vibe, but you don’t want the smell of cigarettes annoying your guests, these smokeless ashtrays are the ideal products for you! Want an oriental touch? Take a look at the Decorative Oriental Ashtray. Coming in a variety of colors and two different textures (grainy or polished), this ceramic, smokeless ashtray, does its job, efficiently, while still becoming a niece piece of decoration.

Want an African touch? That’s a job for the Decorative Large Elephant Ashtray – a resin wood, smokeless ashtray, in the shape of a beautifully carved and colorful elephant. With 4 cigarette rests around its border, you just need to look at its price tag to realize this isn’t a deal you’ll want to miss out on.

How about a European vibe? The Antique European Ashtray is here for you. An extremely durable globe, set on a sturdy leg, all metal. Besides having a tight sealing lid, you can choose between 10 elegant designs, each more beautiful than the last one.

If smoke isn’t really an issue and you’re in love with the classic open ashtrays, we’ve also got two amazing deals to show you. Firstly, the Vintage Wooden Ashtray. Made of natural wood, this sturdy squared ashtray combines the looks of dark-toned wood with some splashes of gold, creating that antique vibe you’ve been looking for. It also has 4 cigarette rests and is big enough to be used by various persons, at the same time.
If wood isn’t really your thing, why not take a look at the Vintage European Ashtray? In a fancy gold, or in a chic bronze, take advantage of this deal and get an ornamented, metal ashtray, for an amazing value.