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The Best Ceramic Ashtrays on the Market

Incredible Ceramic Quality

Made in Dehuan, in China, this white porcelain, or blanc de chine – as it’s more known in the West - has the unique characteristic of having a small amount of iron oxide in it, meaning it can reach some amazing colours, as well as being a bit sturdier than regular porcelain.

Variety of Designs

Let’s be honest – this ashtray is truly a beautiful piece, but the best part is the options it offers you. Be a more polished, shiny aspect, or a gritty, interesting texture, you can dive in, head first, on this range and choose the ashtray that best suits your place. There’s also a diversity regarding colors, from more pale, simpler ones to more lively and colorful.

Practical Craftsmanship

Not only does it have a lid, to prevent the smell of cigarettes spreading around your house, and 3 convenient cigarette rests around its border, but its size is very practical, meaning it will catch some of your guests’ attention, as the beautiful work of art it is, but it won’t take too much space, wherever you set it on.

Even though there’s only one product on our ceramic ashtray’s range for now, the diverse set of options it gives you is just amazing. The Decorative Oriental Ashtray will definitely bring an oriental vibe to your place, while offering you all the great features of a smokeless ashtray. Resembling an elegant vase, not only does its lid keep the smell inside, but it also has 3 handy cigarette rests. Lastly, you can choose between a grainy look or a polished design, while also having the possibility to decide on 9 lively colors. All this for a fantastic price tag!