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The Best Smokeless Ashtrays on the Market

High Quality Materials

The ashtrays we sell here, at AshtrayShop, are made of a variety of different materials, but they all have something in common: high-quality. Inside our metal range, there are products made of stainless steel, iron, aluminium, zinc and metal alloy. With these ones, you’re guaranteed a large number of qualities, the main ones being sturdiness, durability and a modern, polished look. Then, the plastic ones allow us to offer you groovy and creative designs, for a lower value. But don’t think they’re made of just any plastics, but ABS and PBT, instead – technical names for flame retardant, environment-friendly and robust materials. In these range, you’ll find lively and colorful designs, but if looks is what you’re looking for, the ceramic and wood ashtrays are just up your alley! Be a rural natural wood or an elegant resin one, they just scream rustic! And we just have three words for our ceramic ashtrays – pieces of art!

Diverse Creative Designs

Those old days of having ashtrays just for the sake of having a place to drop your cigarette butts is over. We live in a product orientated world, meaning each object is now a combination of efficiency and looks. That’s why designs are such a big concern here, at AshtrayShop. From more simpler and portable ones, to pyramids, 8-balls, tires and amazing works of art, there’s an ashtray for each function, for each room and for each personality. Browse through our range of smokeless ashtrays and you’ll see that we took advantage of the them having a lid, to create original and elegant concepts.

Tight Sealing Lids

Everyone who smokes regularly knows that, in more closed spaces, that nasty smell of cigarettes can get in your fabrics and your walls, turning a light ambient into a more heavier one. We’re sure you had guests complaining, even the ones who also smoke! Smokeless ashtrays are the perfect solution because, not only can you use them indoors without worrying with unpleasant odors but, when you use them outside, the ashes and cigarettes won’t fly everywhere and turn your cute patio into an ugly landfill. From simpler lids, to button-opening ones and even to push down-designs, all our products guarantee you a tight sealing cover and an effortless use.

Our Wide Range of Smokeless Ashtrays

Describing such a big variety of smokeless ashtrays isn’t easy, so, for a simpler understanding, we’ve divided them in 4 categories: portable, car, metal and decorative.

If you’re the type of person who’s always on the move and doesn’t enjoy littering and hurting the environment, portable ashtrays are perfect for you.

First, the Portable Rectangular/Cylinder Ashtray – low value, resilient and amazingly practical. The cylinder has a lid on top, while the rectangular will slide open. Easy to carry around (due to its key chain), for the same price, you can get the PRO range, offering you more design choices.

Then, we’ve got the Portable Round Ashtray. Imagine a classy, pocket watch looking like smokeless ashtray, ready to aid you, whenever you need.

The PRO series is just a few cents away, offering you 13 diverse and original designs.

Lastly, for a couple more bucks than the latter ones, you can get our vintage series.

The Vintage Pocket Ashtray and the Portable Vintage Ashtray are two amazing products, ready to offer you that 90’s classy vibe you’ve been craving for.

Car manufacturers have stop including ashtrays in their models, increasingly, over the last couple years. Some will sell it as an extra, while others won’t even have that option, which, for a smoker, is a bad call. That’s why we also offer you a diverse and high-quality range of car ashtrays, where the word “universal” is a big deal.

First, the Modern Car Ashtray. As the name states, it’s a modern-looking, flame retardant plastic, smokeless ashtray, with LED lights and clamps to clench them on your air outlets.

Then, a more simpler one – the Classic Car Ashtray. Same plastic material, but a bit cleaner and carrying a more minimalist look. Even though it has no clamps, it’s made to perfectly fit most car’s cup holders.

The Wide Car Ashtray also has LED lights, a clamp and a sturdy structure, but it gives you a wider shape to work with.

Lastly, our more flashy range – because some cars deserve a beautiful ashtray. The Decorative Car Ashtray combines all the other one’s features with a carbon fiber texture and an elegant flower design, in black and white.

The Cosmic Car Ashtray is a best seller for a reason. A regular and efficient ashtray by day and a colorful and cosmic one by night!

Lastly, the Luxurious Car Ashtray. We don’t use the word “luxurious” lightly and, when you look at it, you’ll understand why. A sturdy metal body, plated with classy and elegant rhinestones all over it and the choice between 3 colors? You can’t let this deal slip through your fingers!

Next up is our more durable, sturdy and efficient ashtrays, with one thing in common – all metal!

First up is a series known for having lid buttons, meaning you’re just an effortless button press away from dropping your ashes and cigarette butts into the ashtray. The Modern Minimal Metal and the Mini Metal Ashtray aren’t that different. Besides size and price tag, both have the same button system and are made of stainless steel, giving them durability and a slick modern look.

The Smokeless Metal Ashtray has a smaller size and hole, but brings 3 practical cigarette rests and an elegant shape.

Then, we have the push-down ashtrays. Be the Simple Push Down Ashtray or the Classic Push Down Lid Ashtray, both work with a button on the middle, rotating and opening the lid, when pushed. Both are made of stainless steel and have cigarette rests, but the latter has a more modern design, combining black and silver in one beautiful product.

Lastly, we’ve got two out-of-this-world ashtrays. The Smokeless Steel Ashtray just looks like a minimalist work of art. A little hole in the middle can be close by rotating the top and a cigarette rest on the border guarantees practicality, as well.

Then, the Standing Ashtray, which, like the name states, doesn’t need a table. Adjustable between 22in (58cm) and 39in (100cm), its bending pole also let’s you create twirling designs. If that wasn’t enough, this deal still lets you choose between 4 stylish colors.

Lastly, we’re here to show ashtrays that work two jobs – they’ll keep the ashes and cigarettes inside, while sprucing up whichever room they’re in. That’s right, we’re talking about our decorative series.

Because every ashtray is extremely different, we decided to divide them depending on their materials. Firstly, made of porcelain, the Decorative Oriental Ashtray. 9 color and 2 styles, this rounded ashtray brings a touch of the oriental world directly to your place.

Then, made of wood, there’s the Decorative Wood Ashtray and the Decorative Large Elephant Ashtray. The first is a simple and rustic, natural dark-toned wood, ashtray. It has the shape of a log and a nice texture. The second is an amazing piece of decoration. With the shape of an elephant, beautifully ornamented with some golden designs, the resin wood offers it a shiny, polished finish – stunning product for a fantastic price.

Inside our metal series, we’ll start with the Egyptian Pyramid Ashtray. A tight sealing lid is also the top of an extremely well-crafted pyramid, giving you the opportunity to bring back an Egyptian vibe, right in the middle of your office, in silver or bronze.

Then, the 8-Ball Ashtray – the perfect present for your smoker friends who also enjoy to play some pool. An efficient push-down system on top and an 8-ball design on the bottom. What else could you ask?

Lastly, there’s the Antique European Ashtray. This one is a hard one to describe, since words don’t make it justice. A sturdy base holds a globe that can be effortlessly opened and used as an ashtray, even though the best part of this deal is in the globe’s designs. 10 unique and exquisite designs, each one better than the last, will definitely turn any boring office into a vintage-looking one.

Finally, made of durable and flame retardant PBT, the Decorative Tire Ashtray is the perfect product for your gear head friends, combining an efficient push-down system, with an expertly crafted tire design.