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The Best Wooden Ashtrays on the Market

Environmentally-Friendly Materials

These ashtrays save the environment in two different ways. Firstly, they do their job and help you avoid littering the streets and nature with cigarette butts and ashes. Secondly, they’re not only made of environmentally friendly materials, but their manufacturing process does its best to leave the smallest carbon foot print possible.

Sturdy Wood

Who would buy those plastic materials that try to resemble wood, when you’ve got the real stuff, right here? Natural and sturdy, these ashtrays will withstand constant use, as well as bumps and falls, without showing any damage at all. The resin finish also helps them maintain those amazing colors, for a really long time.

Rustic Designs

Excluding the decorative large elephant ashtray, which is an amazing work of art, most of these products can create a rustic vibe in every room they’re set on, be because of their stunning dark-toned wood colours, or their faint smell of nature.

Our Amazing Range of Wooden Ashtrays

With different designs, different types of wood and different functions, our range of wooden ashtrays has a lot to offer.

Firstly, the Vintage Wooden Ashtray. A perfect dark-toned, wooden square, with some details in gold, that offers you 4 cigarette rests in a fantastic price tag – what else could you ask for?

Secondly, the Decorative Wood Ashtray. A bit more rustic, in a shape of a log, this ashtray is extremely durable and has a lid that prevents the smell of cigarettes spreading everywhere.

Then, the Dark Wood Ashtray – the most natural looking of them all. A beautiful, log-shaped ashtray, with 3 cigarette rests, a polished finish and a stunning, outside tree bark texture.

Lastly, a truly work of art. The Decorative Large Elephant Ashtray, as the name states, is an expertly crafted, elephant-shaped ashtray, made of resin wood and carrying a lid.