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The Best Cool Ashtrays on the Market

Out-of-this-world Designs

Some companies will offer you the same product, over and over, while slightly altering colors and sizes. We don’t work like that here, at AshtrayShop. From more modern, minimalist ashtrays, to 8-balls, pyramids, crowns, skulls, nature-related and Jamaican influenced, every ashtray has is own personality, meaning you have the challenge of finding the one that best suits your style and your place. Because of the variety of looks, they also work extremely well as gifts for you smoker friends.

Efficient Craftsmanship

Even though this series is all about cool looking ashtrays, there’s no sense in completely overlooking the efficiency and the practical aspect of the product. That’s why, allied with creative designs, we also offer you ashtrays that are smokeless (be with tight sealing lids or push-down systems), that have bending poles, numerous cigarette rests, LED lights, a comfortable grip and convenient clamps. All these features make these deals into ones you just can’t miss, even more when you start looking at their price tags!

Different Functions

Buying the same ashtray for different settings is in the past. Maybe you want a simple ashtray for your entrance hall, or a sturdy one for the outdoors, or one that goes well with the vintage vibe of your office, or even one that becomes the central piece of your dining table. Different places require different features and designs and here, at AshtrayShop, you can shop knowing you’ll surely find the one you’ve been dreaming about!

Our Amazing Range of Cool Ashtrays

With a variety of shapes, sizes, materials and designs, our range of cool ashtrays is an extremely diverse one. For an easier browsing experience, we’ll divide them, regarding materials.

First, our metal ashtrays. Be aluminium, stainless steel or metal alloy, these products combine the already known cool designs, with a sturdiness and durability, characteristic of these materials. The Herb Leaf Design Ashtray is a unique, small, lightweight and rounded ashtray, measuring around 5.3in (13.5cm) in diameter and only weighing 1.2oz (35g). For an excellent value you can still choose one of 7 very groovy, cannabis leaf designs.

Then, we have the Portable Decorative Ashtray – a smokeless ashtray that has a cute lid with two little cat ears. Not only does it bring a clamp, to effortlessly place it wherever you want, but you can still choose between 4 lively colors.

For a couple more bucks, there’s the Egyptian Pyramid Ashtray. An elegant and expertly crafted pyramid in bronze or silver on the outside, and an efficient, smokeless ashtray on the inside. Bring that Egyptian vibe to your home and leave your guests dazed.

If you’re a pool fan, the 8-Ball Ashtray is the ideal product for you. An effective push-down design allows you to use it indoors or outdoors, without worrying with that nasty smell of cigarettes, while enjoying an 8-ball, cool design.

The Standing Ashtray combines a list of features including durability, a smokeless design, a bendable pole and a sturdy base. Choose one of four modern-looking colors and enjoy a nice cigarette, without breaking the bank.

What the plastic ashtrays lack in sturdiness, they make up for in crazy designs. And when we talk about their durability is only in comparison with the metal ones, because they are also pretty powerful themselves. The Glow in the Dark Ashtray, as the name states, has its most notable feature coming from the silicone gel its made from. During the day, you’ve got a colorful and simple ashtray but, during the night, prepare to be amazed by its glowing design. For an amazing value, you can still choose between a variety of colors and patterns.

If you’re looking for an ashtray for your car, the Cosmic Car Ashtray is surely a deal to consider. Smokeless, with a clamp, cigarette rests and LED lights, it’s in a dark environment you’ll see it shine, literally. Not only does it do its job, but it will bring your car a cool, lounge vibe.

The wooden ashtrays we show you here are all hand made, meaning you’ll find an attention to detail that you won’t find anywhere else. Comfortable textures and amazingly detailed designs describe the two products we have to show you. First, the Jamaican Style Ashtray. Lightweight and fairly portable, you can choose between 7 groovy designs, all taking advantage of the idea of Jamaica and skulls. It’s an amazing gift idea but, when you look at them, surely you’ll want one for yourself, as well.

Secondly, there’s the Skull Shaped Ashtray. Two skeleton “amigos”, chilling around a bonfire made of skulls. Resilient and good-looking, you can own this amazing ashtray, without breaking the bank.

Lastly, and because few materials look cooler than crystal glass, we’ve got our series of glass ashtrays. More delicate, but capable of being the center piece of every room you set them in. The Decorative Skull Ashtray is the simpler of the three, but still brings practicality and colorful designs to the table. Shaped like a skull, you’ll be sent one of 12 random patterns – we’re sure that, no matter which one you’ll receive, you won’t regret it!

Then, Decorative Glass Ashtray mixes a modern look (a round shape with straight clean cuts) and a variety of styles, from nature related images to more geometrical patterns. A sturdy ashtray for an excellent price – what else could you ask for?

Finally, on top of the luxurious ladder, there’s the Royal Crown Ashtray because, let’s face it, who doesn’t enjoy feeling like royalty? Shaped like a crown, with 8 cigarette rests, this beautifully crafted ashtray can also be used as a candle holder.