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The Best Car Ashtrays on the Market

Tight Sealing Lids

If you smoke inside your car you’ve probably gone through that experience of giving a lift to someone and hearing some complaints about that nasty cigarette smell. There are also people who smoke, but still don’t enjoy the odor – let’s face it, it’s not a great one. That’s why a big concern for us, here at AshtrayShop, is figuring out how to minimize that problem. The solution? Tight sealing lids. If you browse through our range of car ashtrays you’ll notice that most of them are smokeless, meaning they have an efficient lid that will seal the ashtray and keep the ashes and cigarette butts inside, as well as the smell that comes with them.

Practical Features

Looks aren’t everything and that’s why you’ll see a big list of amazingly convenient features on our car ashtrays’ series. First, the majority of your products have the exact diameter of most cars’ cup holders, fitting them like a glove. Then, and because looking down to put out your cigarette while you’re driving is not that safe, some bring clamps you can clench on your car’s air outlets, staying in eye level. We also have LED lights that turn on when the lid is opened, aiding you in night journeys (who hasn’t burn their pants in that situation?). Lastly, there’s also some convenient cigarette rests in all of them.

Environmentally-Friendly Materials

Polybutylene Terephthalate, or PBT, is a polymer plastic, full of qualities, used mainly in isolation. You’re guaranteed an extremely strong and sturdy product, capable of withstanding constant use without any signs of wear and tear, but it’s list of characteristics also include fire resistance, flexibility, insulation, water absorption and, one of its most important features – it’s environmentally friendly. Not only are you helping environment by not littering and dropping cigarette butts on the floor, but you’re also using ashtrays that are made of materials who do their best not to harm the climate. Nowadays, it’s a serious responsibility for every company that mass produces, to cut down on their CO2 emissions and other harmful processes.

Modern Designs

Most cars used today all follow a more modern design – minimalism, straight lines, strong contrasts and sleek looks. If you take a look at our car ashtrays’ range you’ll notice that vibe is well represented. Ones more than others, but all bringing that stylish touch that will match your car like peanut butter and jelly. And because matching is extremely important, our variety of colors, shapes and designs give you the opportunity of choosing a very individual and personalized product that goes well with your personality and your car’s style.

Our Amazing Range of Car Ashtrays

All of our car ashtrays are made of strong and resilient plastic materials (except one), but there are a couple differences between our diverse range of products that is important to note and, therefore, we’ve divide them in 3 series.

The first series include our more simpler and low value products, ideal for people who need an efficient car ashtray but aren’t inclined to spend that much. All costing around the same price tag, the first is the Simple Car Ashtray. Made of environment-friendly, fire retardant plastic, this product combines a tight sealing lid, universal cup holder measures and a crafty LED light – all in a modern black.

Then, the Large Plastic Ashtray. Even though it’s a little big larger, it will still fit most cars’ cup holders, while offering you the same environment-friendly and sturdy plastic. It doesn’t have a lid, but it lets you choose between 9 lively colors.

Next up is the Classic Car Ashtray. Here, you have two deals – you can go for the modern black design or, if you like a classy touch, you can go for the deal that offers you a gold or silver design, besides the black one. Similar to the latter ones, it’s made of the same fire retardant plastic, fits most cup holders and has a tight sealing lid, avoiding getting that nasty smell all over your car.

If you’re someone who doesn’t mind spending a bit more for a nicer design, this next range is for you! First up, the Modern Car Ashtray. Not only do you have a stylish, black or white, geometrical design, but you still get an efficient lid, a LED light and a clamp, meaning you can also clench it on the car’s air outlets.

For a couple more bucks, the Decorative Car Ashtray offers you the same features of the latter, plus an elegant flower design in black or white, a carbon fiber texture and a handy cigarette rest.

The Cosmic Car Ashtray is a tough one to explain through words. Imagine an efficient ashtray, with all the features you’ve heard above, that turns into an astonishing product in the dark. It emits a cosmic, RGB colour pattern and transforms your car into a cool and colorful smoking lounge.

Lastly, in a completely different level, the Luxurious Car Ashtray. In gold, pink or white, this metal ashtray combines durability and efficiency with a fancy and extravagant, rhinestone covered body.

The Wide Car Ashtray is the only car ashtray we’ve got that doesn’t have a cylindrical shape, but a wider one instead, meaning it offers a more effortless and mess less experience. Not only does it offer the same resilient plastic material, convenient clamps and LED lights, but it’s also a more comfortable product when there’s more than one smoker in the car.