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The Best Portable Ashtrays on the Market

Practical Portability

It wouldn’t make sense calling this range “portable ashtrays”, if they weren’t easily transported, but when we’re talking about practical portability, there are a few more important features on the line. The key chain is one of them. It might look like a simple addition, but let’s face it – most people carry their keys in a key chain. Avoid having to carry it in your pockets or purse and lose it all the time. Next, their size. If you make them too small they aren’t practical, mainly because you can only use them 1 or 2 times before having to clean them. On the other side, if you make them to big, they’re just to awkward to carry around in your pockets. We truly believe that all of our portable ashtrays are just the right size.

Durable Materials

This feature is of the utmost importance, mainly because they are items specially made to be with you at all times. If they aren’t made of durable materials, like PBT, metal alloy, aluminium and other metals, they won’t withstand constant use and will shows signs of wear and tear too fast. Thankfully, there’s nothing you need to worry here. Sturdy and reliable, you can look at these portable ashtrays as a long investment that will surely last a really long time. Something also very important to note is that every plastic ashtray we sell here, at AshtrayShop, is made of environmentally friendly materials, causing the least harm possible to the climate.


If a portable ashtray doesn’t have a lid it loses the portability aspect of it, mainly because the ashes and cigarette butts would all fall over the ground, your pockets or your purse. Even though most companies will just put a regular cover and go on with it, here, at AshtrayShop, we know the importance of tight sealing lids, meaning you can carry it around, inside clothes or bags, and not having to worry with the nasty smell of cigarettes getting all over your stuff. Be a sliding body, a screw lid or a regular one, you can be sure that, once you close them, the ours will stay inside, where they belong!

Our Amazing Range of Portable Ashtrays

All extremely convenient and portable, there are a few major differences inside our range of portable ashtrays, the main one being the material their made off. So, for an easier understanding, we’ll divide them in the plastic and the metal ones.

Inside the plastic series, we’ve got two amazing deals for you! Even though they’re not as durable and sturdy as the metal ones, you can still look at them as lasting investments, instead of one-off purchases. First, the Portable Cylinder Ashtray PRO. It may look like a simple cylinder, due to its sleek style, but we’re talking about an efficient ashtray that can easily fit your pockets. Not only does it bring a key chain, but you can also get it in 5 lively colors.

For almost the same price, you can also get the Portable Ashtray Bag – a classy alternative for an astonishing price. Black and minimalist, with a silver interior, this fire resistant pvc bag will bring a touch of elegance to such a monotonous activity like smoking.

Now, if you’re looking for more durable products, the metal range will surely leave you undecided on which one to buy. Firstly, the Portable Rectangular Ashtray and the PRO edition are two amazing deals, worth checking out. Both having a sliding body, the big difference is that the latter one also brings a key chain and the possibility of choosing a classic black or a stylish silver.

Then, you’ve got the Portable Round Ashtray. Made to look like an elegant pocket-watch, this polished, silver ashtray combines the practicality of a key chain with the efficiency of a tight sealing lid and a cigarette rest. For just a couple more cents you can get the Portable Round Ashtray in 13 Designs, which, like the name states, offers you the choice between a variety of images, going from flags, to cats, to geometrical patterns and more.

Next up is the vintage twins. On one side, the Vintage Pocket Ashtray – a mix between a silver and gold square, that opens with an efficient button, allowing you to carry it around without getting the smell of cigarettes on your clothes. It also has a handy cigarette rest, all for an amazing price tag.

The other twin is the Portable Vintage Ashtray, reminding one of those antique oil lighters. Also coming with a key chain, you can choose the color of the beautiful engravings on the front (dark, gold or silver).

The Portable Cylinder Ashtray is the same style as the plastic one you’ve seen before, but with a major difference - it’s made of metal alloy and, even though there is only one design, we can’t deny that a black cylinder, with a skull and bones on the front, doesn’t look really cool.

The Portable Decorative Ashtray is probably the only one of this range that it’s not that convenient to carry around, due to its size, but, because of its clamp, you can pretty much set it wherever you want and enjoy its smokeless feature. Besides that, it looks really cute, with some cat ears popping out. You can also get it in 4 different colors.

Lastly, the Portable Bullet-Shaped Ashtray is a perfect gift idea for you smoker friends, even though we think that, after you check it out, you might buy it for yourself, instead. Shaped like a gold bullet, it brings a key chain and its lid is effortlessly opened (just unscrew it). Made of metal alloy, it’s probably one of the most sturdy portable ashtrays you’ll find on the market.