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The Best Plastic Ashtrays on the Market

Environmentally-Friendly Plastics

We know that, nowadays, the word “plastic” isn’t that well received for two main reasons: low durability and the harm that causes to the environment. Not only are the materials we use here sturdy and resilient (ABS or PBT), but they are also eco-friendly, meaning there’s no reason to raise your eyebrows, suspiciously, at these ashtrays!

Variety of Designs

From more simpler, cylindrical-shaped products, to glow in the dark ones and to stunning pieces of decoration, there’s an ashtray for everyone, so start browsing through our plastic range and choose the one that best suits you!

Our Amazing Range of Plastic Ashtrays

There’s a few differences inside our plastic range, so let’s start with car ashtrays. Firstly, the Simple Car Ashtray – black, simple and economic. Not only does it fit most car’s cup holders, but, when opened, it emits a LED light.

Then, at the same price, there’s the Modern, the Classic and the Wide Car Ashtray. The first, in black or white, brings a convenient clamp, a LED light and a stylish outside texture. Then, the classic offers you a simple ashtray, made for your car’s cup holder with a cigarette rest and a place to put them out, as well as the option to choose between 3 stunning colours. Lastly, the wide one combines most features we’ve talked about, plus a wider shape for a more convenient use.

The Cosmic Car Ashtray can turn any boring car into a fun, modern-looking, smoking lounge. Just take a look at its pictures and you’ll realize what we’re talking about.

Lastly, there’s the Decorative Car Ashtray, adding a stunning design to the long list of features we’ve covered before. A truly work of art!

If you’re looking for a solution for when you’re smoking on the go, these portable ones are the perfect product for you. On one side, the Portable Cylinder Ashtray PRO. A small, smokeless ashtray, carrying a key chain and a sturdy body. On the other side, the Portable Ashtray Bag. A classy alternative – a bag made of PVC in a slick black.

If the smell of cigarettes keeps bothering you, the smokeless range is where to browse! The Decorative Tire Ashtray is the ideal gift for your smoker, gear head friends, as it combines a creative tire design with an efficient push down ashtray. You’ve also got the Standing Ashtray, a practical product, height adjustable, in 4 lively colors – a must for your home.

Lastly, in our classic, open ashtray range, these plastic products will blow your mind. A stylish ashtray in the day and a stunning product in the night – the Glow in the Dark Ashtray. Sturdy and easily washed, there’s 10 different patterns to choose from. Next, the Small Square Plastic Ashtray. Plastic on the outside and metal on the inside, these ones can really spruce up your home with their lively colors. The Square Silicone Ashtray is a bigger, sturdier and more efficient version of the last one, at virtually almost the same price! Finally, the Large Plastic Ashtray resembles a colorful vase, made of eco-friendly ABS plastic.