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The Best Vintage Ashtrays on the Market

Elegant Designs

Even though the silver, gold or bronze look offers a vintage vibe, we rapidly realized that it wasn’t enough. If you take a look at the ashtrays in this series, you’ll notice beautiful engravings, hand made, all around the product. That’s the main part that takes us back to older times, where complex designs would tell amazing stories. Besides that, there’s also one wooden product that just screams “vintage”, specially with that dark-toned wood contrasting with some gold splashes. It’s easy to call something vintage, but it’s harder to bring that style to life. Despite that, and taking into account our costumer’s feedback, we’re confident our products reflect that.

High-Quality Materials

Nowadays, the style is minimalism and lightweight, mainly due to the planned obsolescence line of though, but in the old days, every product was made to last. That’s also something we have tried to revive in this range of vintage ashtrays, meaning you know you’ll be spending your money on something as durable, sturdy and reliable as possible. Be metal alloy, aluminium, natural wood or iron, constant use is no excuse for signs of wear and tear. Even some hard bumps and falls won’t leave a mark on these ashtrays. The best part? Modern materials allow us to reach for that sturdiness of the past and combine it with a more lightweight aspect of the present, bringing the best of both world, in one product.

Versatile Functions

Smokers know you need several ashtrays for specific situations and so do we, here at AshtrayShop. Need one for when you’re on the go and can’t really find a place to drop your ashes? Done. Need a smokeless one for your living room, so your partner doesn’t complain about the smell of cigarettes? Done. Need one that just catches the eye and becomes the centre piece of every dining table you set it on? Done. Now, imagine having the possibility of choosing those different function ashtrays, with the guarantee of always having the most vintage designs you can find on the market. Actually, you don’t have to imagine, just check our vintage range, instead!

Amazing Price Tags

Most of our costumers, after receiving our vintage ashtrays, leave the same kind of review. It goes more or less like this: “I can’t believe that, for its price, the quality is so good”. We know vintage is a trend, nowadays, but there’s no need of raising the price tags because of that. The value you see on every product here, at AshtrayShop, is fairly justified. Be the material used, the craftsmanship or the unique design, there’s no overpaying whatsoever, meaning you’re getting the product you need for the price you deserve!

Our Amazing Range of Vintage Ashtrays

These ashtrays are all amazingly vintage, capable of giving you that antique vibe you’ve been looking for, but there’s a few differences inside our range, differing mainly in the portability aspect.

First, the ones you can carry around with you and make you look really fancy, wherever you smoke. The Portable Round Ashtray looks like an elegant pocket watch on the outside but, when opened, becomes an efficient, smokeless ashtray. Polished silver with a key chain, just imaging popping out this beauty in front of your friends, while lighting a cigarette.

Then, you’ve got the Portable Vintage Ashtray. Reminiscing the classic fuel lighters, with stunning engravings, these ashtrays combine the efficiency of a sliding lid, the practicality of a key chain and the style of three amazing colors (silver, gold or bronze).

Lastly, there’s the Vintage Pocket Ashtray. An extremely durable stainless steel square, coated with a mix of gold and silver, opens as effortlessly as it closes. Not only that, but it still has a handy cigarette rest – all for a fantastic price!

If you’re looking for some ashtrays to place in your home, there’s two styles to go for. First, the smokeless, push-down designs. The Simple Push Down Ashtray and the Classic Push Down Lid Ashtray are two amazing, round ashtrays, that aren’t that different. The latter one has a more stylish approach, with black and silver, but they both use the same method of a simple lever on top that opens the lid and drops the ashes. The Smokeless Metal Ashtray is another story. On one side, it has a unique style, with an elliptical shape and a polished silver look. On the other side, it brings 3 cigarette rests and a simple button to open its lid. Easily opened and washed under water, this combines the old and the modern in one amazing deal.

If the smell of tobacco doesn’t really bother you that much, we suggest you take a look at these two fantastic deals. Firstly, the Vintage Wooden Ashtray. Classy, sturdy, practical and vintage are just a few adjectives, used by our costumers, to describe this product. A dark-toned wooden square, with some splash of gold here and there, make this ashtray into one that will surely be a center piece. Secondly, the Vintage European Ashtray – a true work of art. We’re talking about a solid and round, metal ashtray, with 3 legs and gorgeous engravings all around. Not only does it have 3 practical cigarette rests but this deal also offers you the choice between a classic bronze or a fancy gold.